The sounds found project is a repository of audio recordings from the field, collected over the years by several intrepid recordists. You are free to do with them whatever you desire, no authorship is claimed over these files.

The recordings are unedited, unprocessed, and occasionally of low fidelity. They are sounds from places and moments now past.

The recordings are of varying lengths, and each file is in FLAC format (a lossless compressed audio codec).

The recordings: (right click on links and save as)

20100705: Front of fountain on University St, Downtown, Seattle
20100705: Rear of fountain on University St, Downtown, Seattle
20100705: Bus Route 4 to Downtown, Seattle
20100705: Pike Place Market, Seattle
20100610: Orange birds, jet overhead, Toronto
20080823: Cicadas, Toronto
20080823: Backyard noises, jets, bugs, Toronto
20080716: Rain, occasional traffic, Toronto
20080417: Early morning bird noises with distant background traffic, Richland, Washington
20080414: Truck down the street in light rain with sea gulls, Richland, Washington
20080410: Traffic in the parking lot of Best Buy, Kennewick, Washington
20080410: Slow moving train and street traffic behind the airport, Pasco, Washington
20080410: Fueling up at the gas station, Richland, Washington
20080410: Sea gulls, ducks and geese in Columbia Park, Kennewick, Washington
20080409: Unloading bags from the car with birds in the background, Richland, Washington
20080409: Going outside to start the car, Richland, Washington
20080406: Assorted house noises, Richland, Washington
20080406: The living room clock, Richland, Washington
20080403: A trip to the grocery store, Richland, Washington
20080403: Making coffee at work, Kennewick, Washington
20080402: Another from the floor of a call center, Kennewick, Washington
20080402: The din of the floor of a call center, Kennewick, Washington
20080401: Bar noise from the lounge in the Shilo Inn, Richland, Washington
20080330: Children talking and playing, Richland, Washington
20080330: Making dinner in the kitchen, Richland, Washington
20080330: Laundry room noise, Richland, Washington
20080229: Bar noise, Richmond, Virginia
20070518: Toy dogs, Eaton Centre, Toronto
20070518: Music shop, Toronto
20070518: General din, Eaton Centre, Toronto
20070518: Book sale, Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto
20070517: Walking, Chinatown, Toronto
20070517: Foyer, Fashion Building, Toronto
20070517: ABM kiosk, Spadina and Dundas, Toronto
20070505: Student coldspeak, train station, Hamburg
20070505: Posh student, train station, Hamburg
20070505: Drunk fans talk with me, train station, Hamburg
20070421: St. Lawrence Market, Toronto
20070421: Farmers' market, Toronto
20070421: Dundas Square, Toronto
20070421: Bells, St. James Cathedral, Toronto
20070420: York Quay, Toronto
20070420: Waterfront boardwalk C, Toronto
20070420: Waterfront boardwalk B, Toronto
20070420: Waterfront boardwalk A, Toronto
20070420: Subway, Union to St. Clair West, Toronto
20070420: Stone path, Queen's Quay, Toronto
20070420: Office window, Fashion Building, Toronto
20070420: Grange Park, morning, Toronto
20070420: GO Transit train terminal, Toronto
20070420: Concrete cutter, Queen's Quay, Toronto
20070420: Bilge pump, waterfront, Toronto
20070419: Thursday morning, King and John, Toronto
20070418: Spadina streetcar, riding southward on morning commute, Toronto
20070418: Coffee shop, Spadina and Richmond, Toronto
20070418: Book store, first floor, Richmond and John, Toronto
20070417: Walking eastward on Queen, from Spadina to University, Toronto
20070417: St. Clair streetcar, riding westward, Toronto
20061011: Beach, waves, Mazzaro, Sicily
20060401: Birds and nature sounds with drilling in the background, Petersburg, Virginia
20060401: Chatter before recording during Noise Weekend April 2006, Petersburg, Virginia
20060401: Chatter in the studio between tracks, Petersburg, Virginia
20060307: Snow path, wild dog, plane, Schlagenhofen
20051215: African drums, Xmas market, Heidelberg
20051114: Fetal heartbeat, Hopewell, Virginia
20051105: Wine glass overtones, Hamburg
20051021: Mad violinist and Nele, Hamburg
20050921: Night creatures, Petersburg, Virginia
20050819: Isemarket, kids music, Hamburg
20050819: Isemarket, Hamburg
20050506: Workers, best mood, penny market, Hamburg
20050120: Extremely mild January storm, Hamburg
20050120: 14?c, thunder, Hamburg
20050119: Staircase, bottles, Hansaplatz, Hamburg
200409xx: Radio-bla-bla, Munich
20040929: Soccer inside house, Schlagenhofen
20040909: Demonstration at university, only 4 people with us, G?nsemarkt, Hamburg
20040904: Wild geese, before night, Bavaria
20040322: 6pm, noise, church, Heidelberg
20040322: 5pm, Schafheutle Church, Heidelberg
20030307: Street before shop, Schanzenviertel, Hamburg
20030307: Fat car, Schanzenviertel, Hamburg
20030305: Sports car, train station, Hamburg
20030120: Thunder, rain, Hamburg
20030115: Toilet, ArtScience, Hamburg
20021217: Scissors, like any room, Heidelberg
20020922: Mad violinist, bathroom, St. Wendel
20011227: Stairs, very old house, Schlagenhofen
20010506: Applause after a reading, Heidelberg